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The Korean Pantry Spicy Kimchi Dumplings

The Korean Pantry Spicy Kimchi Dumplings

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Visit us at 518 Holloway Road, London, N7 6JD

Delicious dumplings filled with everyone's favourite kimchi! They also have some of Arty Vegan's Okara, which is the pulp that is left when making tofu & soya milk, so they truly are a zero-waste dumpling!

Cooking instructions :
Method 1: Pan fry the dumplings from frozen, in a medium-hot pan with a little vegetable oil for 5mn until the bottom becomes golden. Then add ½ cup of water, cover with a lid and
cook for 5-6min.
Method 2: Steam the dumplings from frozen for approx. 15min.
Method 3: Add the frozen dumplings directly in soups and stews and cook for 5-6 min.

Ingredients: Wrapper ( WHEAT flour, water, cornstarch, glutinous rice flour, refined salt, acetic acid, sodium lactate, propylene glycol, SOYbean oil, gluten)
Filling: Kimchi (Chinese leaves, garlic, garlic, onion, ginger, spring onions, glutinous rice
flour, shiitake, kelp, Korean chilli flakes, salt), shiitake, okara (SOY), carrot, garlic, ginger,
SOY sauce, salt.
*Allergens in bold