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Scrubber Patchouli & Mango Deodorant
Scrubber Patchouli & Mango Deodorant

Scrubber Patchouli & Mango Deodorant

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rubber is on a mission to make ethical personal care affordable, fun and accessible for all. As a family owned and operated business, each tube is mixed and poured in their London lab, using only ethically sourced, completely natural ingredients.

Our Patchouli and Mango scented stick combines the woody musk of patchouli with the rounder, sweeter scent of mango. With subtle undertones of Jasmine adding a bit of citric tang, the result is a wonderfully androgynous scent that is at once warm, sweet and complex.

Although perhaps best associated with the hippy counter-cultural movement of the late 60s, Patchouli remains a widely used base for perfumes, deodorants and aftershaves.


Natural Deodorant Sticks
This eco-friendly deodorant stick uses natural ingredients to provide day long freshness and protection against body odour.

Rather than using harsh chemicals and pore-clogging antiperspirants, Scrubber deodorant uses 100% natural and organic ingredients which are much healthier for your body. A combination of soothing oils and butters form the base of the deodorant.

Naturally occurring antibacterial agents neutralise body odour and moisture absorbing natural powders help you stay dry under the arms.


How to Use: 

  • Use after daily shower and in the morning
  • Gently push up the bottom of the tube and hold the exposed bit of deodorant against your underarm
  • After a couple of seconds, the deodorant stick will warm up, allowing you to glide it around and leave a thin layer of deodorant on your underarms


Depending on how much you use with each application, one stick of Scrubber should last between 1 and 3 months.


Ingredients: Arrowroot powder, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soya Wax, Pellets Essential Oils
*Allergens in bold
**This product may contain traces of allergens due to possible cross-contamination.