Norty Chocolate Hazelnut Butter
Norty Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Norty Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

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This All Natural Chocolate Hazelnut butter is a treat for your kitchen and cupboard. Wonderfully smooth and authentically nutty, this nut butter is packed full of hazelnuts and raw cacao; as well as, high in unsaturated fats (not the naughty kind!). Not only does it taste like liquid Ferrero Rocher, but is also a great source of plant based protein! 

Giving this all natural hazelnut butter a stir and eating it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just by the spoon-full is sure to make you keep reaching back for more! It truly is the perfect companion or inclusion to any vegan snack; healthy or Norty! Also, we recommend swirling it into your smoothie or porridge, slathering it over toast or dipping fruit and crackers into it.

Want to know a Norty top tip? Grab a bag of pretzels and smother them in this nut butter for the tastiest afternoon snack you will try.

Ingredients: Hazlenuts*, Raw Cacao Powder*, Coconut Sugar*, Sea Salt*.
*Organic **Allergens in bold