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Bottle Bar Shop Espresso Martini

Bottle Bar Shop Espresso Martini

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Visit us at 518 Holloway Road, London, N7 6JD

The bottle must be returned for reuse by Bottle Bar Shop :)


Espresso Martini carefully created and handmade at Bottle Bar and Shop (in Catford, London).

Try this delicious twist on the classic martini, our Espresso Martini won't disappoint! Notes of caramel and vanilla with delicate bursts of coffee create a warm and creamy pleasant lingering on the palate.

Enjoy our smooth Espresso Martini shaken with ice and served in a martini glass with a coffee bean garnish.

We can proudly say that there are no artificial flavours in our bottles - our cocktails are made from natural ingredients only.


19% ABV
Size: 50 cl (10 cl = one measure)

Ingredients: cold brew coffee (made with Mont 58 Coffee), vodka, kahlua, and a sprinkling of sugar