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Borough Wines Bordeaux Blanc 225 2021

Borough Wines Bordeaux Blanc 225 2021

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The bottle must be returned for reuse by Borough Wines :) We pay a deposit on the bottles but aren't currently charging customers one. If the return rate on bottles is too low we will have to initiate a bottle deposit. 

Producer in a nutshell
Damien Barton and Benjamin Joyeaux run 225, the innovative Bordeaux wine brand that
helped us develop our Return Bottle scheme. They supply us with wines from sustainably minded winemakers across Bordeaux.

Vignobles Dubourg (Entre-deux-Mers), Bordeaux, France

Sauvignon Blanc / Sémillon

How are the grapes grown?
Clay-Limestone soil, Vineyard of 10ha, Vines of 25 years old on average, HVE3 for several years, AB Certified since 2021

Organic (AB Certified since 2021), vegan

How is the wine made?
15 days in stainless steel tanks, at a low temperature - Sedimentation / Natural deposition of lees in tanks - Between 4 months in tanks


Tasting Notes
Vegetal aromas but also some notes of lemon. Densely textured with a spicy bite as well as young green fruits.

Food Pairing
Oysters from the Bassin d’Arcachon - Seafood (prawns, mussels...) - Fish (Kokoxa, a typical fish plate from the Basque Country) - Asparagus (produced in the Medoc or in Blaye, near Entre-deux-Mers)

To Serve
10-12C. White wine/Universal glass.