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80 Stone Roasters Heavy Bag Seasonal Espresso Coffee

80 Stone Roasters Heavy Bag Seasonal Espresso Coffee

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80 Stone Coffee Roasters - London Based

Our very first blend, named after the early days of our roastery, when we used to carry every 70kg sack of coffee by hand. It’s the perfect daily driver espresso for every drink, every occasion, and everyone. Here at the roastery, this is our go-to coffee for a nice creamy espresso or a deliciously balanced flat white. You know you’ve brewed it well when its distinctively sweet marzipan notes come out singing. Due to its bold flavours and sparkly acidity, it’s really easy to get great results and works great with a Moka pot or cafetière as well.

70% Cosagual, Honduras (washed)
30% Aprocassi, Peru (washed)

A buttery mouthfeel with sticky nougat and marzipan, followed by a hint of ripe blackberries, slowly revealing a persistent cocoa nibs aftertaste. Decadence, for every day.

The Espresso recipe that we suggest is:
Dose: 18 Grams
Extraction time: 22 sec – 27 sec
Espresso weight: 32 – 34 Grams

Cosagual mission is to promote development process in families dedicated to agricultural production with gender equality and in harmony with the environment, providing services with responsibility, efficiency and commitment to their cooperative members. They are also certified by Fair Trade and Organic.
The coffee harvest takes place between November and March. Only the mature cherries are picked to ensure the best possible cup quality. The harvest is carried out and transported on the same day to the cooperative wet mill.
The centralization of the wet mill reduces the impact on the environment, through a more efficient use of water and better management of coffee by-products (pulp and honey waters).

Aprocassi’s history goes back to 1997 when San Ignacio families were in conflict with a Canadian mining multinational whose activity would have a massive impact on the ecosystem. This opposition was backed by the Catholic church and farmers alike, who envisioned a more sustainable future for themselves. With this in mind, reverend Humberto Tapia Días created an association to provide an alternative for the area’s economy based on organic agriculture. Aprocassi was born in March 2000 and became a cooperative later in 2010. The cooperative develops social and environmental projects.

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**This product may contain traces of allergens due to possible cross-contamination.