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80 Stone Coffee Cooperativa Cosagual Honduras Coffee

80 Stone Coffee Cooperativa Cosagual Honduras Coffee

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80 Stone Coffee Roasters - London based coffee roasters.

In a mellow mood? Kick back and slurp down this easy-going coffee, with its comforting notes, its warm silky body, and a clean muted acidity flickering in the backdrop like a cosy fire. We enjoy this coffee most on cafetière, but comfort comes in all forms, so give flexible coffee a try on any brewing method and the results will be nicely consistent.

This coffee is produced and processed by families that have diversified incomes and that, along with their coffee farms, also have bee hives. The objective is for Capucas to further promote honey production among their associates – coffee producers and beekeepers – and therefore diversify their income and have great economic stability. Existing apiarists can benefit from new and better hives, and those new to bee-keeping equipment and training. It is hoped the women and young of the communities will make the most of this opportunity.

And the coffee? With all those extra pollinators helping to pollinate the coffee, as well as the shade trees of plum, banana, pepeto, and guama yields can be increased, further benefitting the farmer and us.

Ripe cherries are picked by the men and women of the community, collated at the producer’s home and then taken to the cooperative’s wet processing plant where the pulping and drying process takes place. Drying is done in Capucas solar dryers.
The coffee is dried for 15 to 22 days depending on the weather. Simply put, the more sunny days, the faster the coffee dries, the more cloudy days, the slower the coffee dries. Whilst the coffee is drying it is regularly raked to ensure even drying and avoiding accidental fermentation.

**This product may contain traces of allergens due to possible cross-contamination.