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Veganly Deli Meats - Frozen
Veganly Deli Meats - Frozen
Veganly Deli Meats - Frozen
Veganly Deli Meats - Frozen

Veganly Deli Meats - Frozen

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Artisan Vegan food made by Michelin chefs, Helene Darroze and Heston Blumental, in London. The entire range is vegan and 100% natural – without refined sugars, additives or thickeners. What makes the meats really unique is their use of superfoods and protein powders. In place of standard flours, they use a mix of organic hemp, rice and pumpkin protein in their recipes, upping the protein content & quality of the product dramatically. Each meat has a different added superfood, from baobab or lucuma to ayurvedic gotu kola that eases anxiety and stress.

These "meats" are the tastiest, most convincing alternatives we have ever tried (and we have tried a lot!), so we are delighted to have them in-store. They are perfect for everything from a simple sandwich to a stunning charcuterie board. 

We typically keep the below flavours in stock, but what we have in stock may vary, so pop in to take a look!

  • Toorkey 120g
    The succulent taste of moist chicken thighs or turkey legs. This is surprisingly convincing. Lower in calories and fat, but double the protein of chicken! With such a high protein content (59g per 100g) gym bunnies eat it to increase muscle. As it’s sliced thin, a little goes a long way. Works great for the whole family in sandwiches, wraps and stuffed pittas. Perfect as part of a packed lunch.
  • Black Forest Haam 120g
    Move over ham and bacon! Enjoy the smokey, savoury, yet slightly sweet taste that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner needs. Slap on bread or a bagel, or enjoy the meat in your no-eggs benedict for Sunday brunch. Delicious in carbonara or versatile enough to pair cold with grapes and melon. 
  • Mixed Charcuterie 120g
    As deep & flavourful as real chorizo! Moist, spicy & smokey. Great for family dinners – topping for pizza, chopped into paella, stuffed into burritos, or on a gourmet meat board. Children love it straight from the pack.
    Great alternative for beef/venison carpaccio, but also works as pastrami in a Reuben sandwich. Sous-vide slow-cooked in a secret spice broth for 16hrs to infuse it with flavour. It’s the most complex & deeply flavourful vegan meat you’ll ever taste. Added reishi, shiitake mushrooms & B12 make it an antioxidant powerhouse. 
    If you loved the famous Italian roast pork belly “porchetta”, you’ll love Veganly Deli’s vegan version “porquetta”. Lightly infused with fennel, garlic & sage. Stuff into focaccia with applesauce, serve slices with a celeriac slaw at a dinner party, or lay out as part of a sharing board with chutney! It works as an alternative in any dish where pork is required.

120g portions in a biodegradable plastic sleeve, which we encourage you to bring back to us for proper disposal.