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Naturally Wrapt Jute Twine
Naturally Wrapt Jute Twine

Naturally Wrapt Jute Twine

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For Online Orders:
This product comes in multiple colours, so leave us a note at checkout or we will be in touch after purchase to confirm which you would like. We cannot guarantee a specific colour will be in stock due to high demand in store. 

Low waste 1/2mm Jute is a dainty super sustainable twine. It is re-usable and affordable and it will biodegrade faster than wider twines.

Great for dainty, plastic free wrapping.

Eco-credentials: Made from a vigorous plant with minimal need for pesticides, fertilisers and additional watering. Also, it uses only a quarter of the amount of the water during processing compared to cotton.

Length options 30m

Recyclable & Biodegradable