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Le Paulmier Organic Apple Balsamic Vinegar (Circular Local Delivery)

Le Paulmier Organic Apple Balsamic Vinegar (Circular Local Delivery)

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Inspired by this long-forgotten recipe, LE PAULMIER has created a fine new condiment by blending a reduced must of countryside apples and a five-year-old acidulate made from late sweet and bitter-sweet cider apples.

On fruit, with a very beautiful consistency, the pommée will be a treat for you on salads, especially bitter ones, tomatoes, crudités and fruit salads. It also works as an icebreaker (fresh foie gras, scallops, veal, pork and duck) and on game, fish, reductions, caramelization and vegetables (beets, onions and braised endives). It also goes with wild acidulates on creative salads. 

Ingredients: Acidulée de cider (condiment resulting from the acetic fermentation of cider and as an aperitif made from cider).
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