Borough Wines Chardonnay 2021

Borough Wines Chardonnay 2021

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The bottle must be returned for reuse by Borough Wines :) We pay a deposit on the bottles but aren't currently charging customers one. If the return rate on bottles is too low we will have to initiate a bottle deposit. 

Producer in a nutshell
Villa Noria is located in the south of France (Languedoc/Occitanie) near the Mediterranean Sea. The vineyard is located between Montpellier and Béziers, close to Pezenas. The climate is influenced by the Mediterranean sea (like a cooling system). Dry and warm in summer; in winter with more rain.

Languedoc, France

100% Chardonnay

How are the grapes grown?
All the vineyards are certified organic; with no use of pesticides; 20% of the vineyard is without any treatment (resistant vines - hybrids). Terroir: Limestone.

Organic (Ecocert), Vegan

How is the wine made?
Fermentation with natural yeast in concrete tanks; no fining; only bentonite and filtration. 12 month in contact with the lees. Old oak barrels.


Tasting Notes
A rich and textured Chardonnay, with inviting notes of exotic fruits layered with a touch of vanilla through to a toasty, brioche finish.

Food Pairing
Perfect with fish, tapas, or by the glass as an aperitif.

To Serve
13-14C. White wine glass.