Borough Wines Riesling 2021

Borough Wines Riesling 2021

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Visit us at 518 Holloway Road, London, N7 6JD

The bottle must be returned for reuse by Borough Wines :) We pay a deposit on the bottles but aren't currently charging customers one. If the return rate on bottles is too low we will have to initiate a bottle deposit. 

Producer in a nutshell
We’re a family winery with 31 ha in the north-west part of “Rheinhessen”. My father is the 7th generation since the foundation in 1664. He converted the farm to a 100% winery and gave everything else like animals and farmland away in the 1970s. Since that we have grown from 4ha to 31ha today and for 20 years now we have also had a wine restaurant with a little hotel on an old farm next to our winery. Terroir: red porphyry (vulcanic) and limestone

Rheinhessen, Germany

100% Riesling

How are the grapes grown?
40% of grapes coming from Uff Hofener LA ROCHE, 60% from Flonheimer Ringelberg. All vineyards are farmed on our own - no bulk wine or bought grapes. All after organic principals but not certified yet, because I insist on using phosphoric acid (was on EU organic list till 2013, now banned just because of stupid lobbyism in Brussels) to reduce copper to a very low minimal.

Organically Grown, Vegan

How is the wine made?
Hand selected, macerated for about 24 hours, gently pressed, little pre clarification by gravity, then put into a barrel. Fermentation takes place in 40% in Stückfass (older 1200l oval barrels) + 60% stainless.


Tasting Notes
The aroma is slightly spicy and full of green apples, lively acidity on the tongue. Light touch of minerality, spiciness in the aftertaste.

Food Pairing
Mild Indian curries, grilled and poached white fish, scallops, roast pork

To Serve
11-12C. White wine glass.